As nice and warm as its been here in southern California, winter is still here are people are getting sick. People report taking concurrent rounds of antibiotics and/or antivirals and still being stuck in bed for 2 weeks or more. The best way to avoid this is to feed your immune system so it can remain vigelant and protect you from what is going around…

My favorite immune boosting herb is Astragalus.

Astragalus membranaceus is a powerful herb that has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years. It has both antibacterial and antiviral properties while also acting as an adaptogen. Adaptogen herbs help the body to deal with physical, emotional and mental stress.

Astragalus can be taken daily as a way to boost up your immune system. You can find it in a tincture form, which is a liquid alcohol extract, or in capsules. Make sure they are using the root as the source of the medicine and talk with your doctor about dosage. Astragalus is generally safe for most people but some caution is indicated with auto-immune conditions and if you are already taking other medications.

In addition to Astragalus, remember to also get your Vitamin D levels checked regularly so you can make sure you are in an optimal range to keep your immune system as hearty as possible!!

And always remember to stay hydrated with clear liquids such as clean water, herbal teas, coconut water, and soup broths. And get enough sleep. These two things are super important to keeping your defenses up.

My favorite immune soup recipe is taken from a great naturopathic doctor by the name of Bill Mitchell, ND. Feel free to adjust it as necessary to make it your own but keep it on hand in case you start to feel something coming on…

If you do come down with an illness, please give me a call so you can start treatment immediately to reduce the severity and duration.

Your immune system is so crucial to staying well and enjoying life 