I went to see Dr. Sara for an IV of Glutathione upon recommendation of my Rheumatologist after I’d decided to give up on my arsenal of prescriptions that were barely keeping me walking (and I felt were actually making me worse). I had chronic inflammation, was in intense pain for years that would keep me awake all night, migraines, persistent nausea, mental confusion, bladder and ut issues, joint stiffness, strange rashes, and severe blood sugar drops that would land me in the hospital.

Since specialist after specialist couldn’t find a definitive cause for all of my symptoms, I was eventually diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and life had become a constant struggle. When I went to see Dr. Sara, I wasn’t expecting anything because I had been searching for answers for years to no avail. Thankfully, I couldn’t have been more wrong. I am now on a clear path to recovery and Glutathione IVs have been my saving grace. It was later discovered that I’m missing a gene to synthesize Glutathione within the body, but even after my first IV there was a huge difference. My inflammation went down so much that even friends noticed I “looked” different, I was in less pain, sleeping better, able to use my hands again, skin cleared up, mental fog lifted, and didn’t have this weird unexplainable feeling of being poisoned.

Since I was in Dr. Sara’s office weekly for these IVs and she really listened to and understood what I’d been going through, she ran some tests that came back positive for Lyme Disease. It’s a tough disease to treat, but at least I have some hope now. I’m currently working with an MD and Dr. Sara to eradicate the infection and they both agree that Glutathione IV’s will be vital in my body’s ability to recover. The miracle of it for me is that it helps me live my life and feel so much better in the meantime.