GSTM1 is an important gene to be aware of.

It is a critical gene in the body that is responsible for making and recycling glutathione.  The reason this gene is so important is due to the fact that we live in a toxic world and are constantly exposed to things that can damage our bodies.  “Almost every chronic illness known to humankind has been linked in some measure to free-radical-induced tissue damage,” says Lise Alschuler, ND, FABNO, coauthor of The Definitive Guide to Cancer: An Integrative Approach to Prevention, Treatment, and Healing, Third Edition (Celestial Arts, 2010). This damage wrecks havoc on our biological system and often results in the development of cancer and other chronic illnesses.

People who were born without GSTM1 are at a greater risk.  Dis-ease is derived from a combination of genetic susceptibility and environmental exposures.  We know it is important to minimize our exposures, but now we can also pay attention to our glutathione levels to better ensure our protection from harmful substances.  Glutathione is the master antioxidant in the body, it functions primarily in the liver to help us excrete nasty elements and also plays a role in recycling itself along with Vitamins C and E which are other important antioxidants.

You can test to find out your genetic predisposition for making and recycling GSH in your body.  You can order 23andMe online or we can test in the office through other labs that provide quicker result times. Feel free to contact me if you have any further questions.