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The Benefits of C

Vitamin C is a natural warrior. It fights viral infections causing colds and  flu as well as oxidative stresses on the body. Everyday we are exposed to pesticides, solar radiation, and smog. These take a toll on our bodies and cause us to prematurely age. You can fight back with the antioxidant powerhouse vitamin C. Give your body the power to combat cellar aging and viral attacks-give your body the power of C.

Myers’ Cocktail Formulated to Fight Fatigue

Want more energy to make it through the day? We have a cocktail for that. Myers’  Fatigue Fighter gives you all the vitamins you expect with the original formula Myers’ Cocktail PLUS extra B vitamins to help you tackle the latest crossfit class, the big deadline at work, or just a random Tuesday in your busy Los Angeles life. We formulated this with the you in mind. Ask about it today.

Scheduling Your Appointment

Want to be seen in our Santa Monica, CA clinic? Text Dr. Sara at (888) 605-6579 for an appointment. She strives to deliver personalized service with no waiting. Try it today.

IV Nutrient Therapy Improves Immune System Functioning and Supports Your Active Life

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